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  1. I can see it in the reflections in the windows especially the one on the bottom left. 🙂 I can so picture this. Beautiful photo 🙂

  2. I can see it in my mind at least, and you’re right, it’s there in the shadows and edges — lovely! I loved watching Brown Island as we passed it on the ferry in June.

    I love what autumn does to the sunshine and the way it falls.

    1. Susan – -the only way on and off the island is by boat. Doesn’t that sound like a great retreat (if you don’t have kids to get to school).

  3. i wonder where my comment went… ah well, jsut another of blogosphere mysteries…

    yes, the light can be imagined but it’s a shame the camera sensor doesn’t see what our eyes do… still, it’+s a beautiful shot.

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