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WordPress.Com — Screwed Up!

Gotta love it — best platform on the net?  Right.  All of my WordPress sites have the same set of stats.  No matter which blog I am on, I get the stats for Quilly’s Camera — even my hosted blogs that aren’t on I use the WordPress platform to blog with and it is universally scrambled.

That’s not the best part though.  Next, I can’t log into any of my blogs.  None of my passwords work and I tried requesting a new password.  Great that seemed to be working — except it isn’t a password for my BLOG, which I requested, it is a password for their support forum.

At this point I am really frustrated.  I go to their support forum to see what’s up — and nothing about this little glitch is anywhere in sight.  Furthermore, I cannot find anyway to add the problem or ask a question.  I used to like WordPress because support was accessible.  I won’t be saying that anymore.

Do not even mention Blogger to me — but does anyone else have a blogging platform they like that is accessible and has SUPPORT?

By the way, Amoeba is so ticked because he can’t get into the Dudes, that he’s ready to delete the Dudes, OC & Quilly, and my sites, too.

UPDATE: WordPress support is back up.  Progress is being made.  Of course, the forum is crazy with folks as confused and irate as me, so the folks at WP are probably wishing support was still down! LOL!


  1. Hmmm interesting you said that about your passwords. I had a problem on Friday with my mom on Scuttlebutt. It wasn’t taking anything either. But all is well. If you find a blogging platform where you can get good support I’ll put in with you. Everyone I’ve looked at is all forums. Awww the joys of blogging. Good thing I don’t care about stats…

  2. I’ve always found Blogger reasonable. Of course it does have glitches but I try not to let it get to me when that happens. I hope WP support sorts out your problems.

    1. Akelamalu — Blogger is much better than it used to be, but I have yet to forget that they deleted a friend’s entire blog because she dissed one of their favored advertisers. I don’t trust them not to censor me into non-existence.

  3. I am getting really really tired of watching the stadium-sized yachts, funded by computer [x]ware that doesn’t work, sail past my workplace’s crumbling dock while every university department except the football team absorbs crippling budget hit after crippling budget hit. Not to mention the millions of We the People who do without food, clothing, shelter, and health care – and that’s not counting the ones who work 80 hours a week to not make ends meet because they can’t get even those jobs.

    I am coming to the conclusion that any effort made, any money spent, on any computer task that is not essential to work, is money spent to our lasting hurt. And since, as those of you who’ve been following here must know by now, I reckon this situation to be the fault of the guy who stares back at you in the mirror in the morning (i.e., mine), I have to stop spending money and time in this way.

    A few days ago, there was a symposium held at my workplace to decry the continuing wrongness of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. I did not have to go (I didn’t) to know what happened. The attendees came, ranted and raved, and then each one got in his or her own personal car and drove off. Stuff like this makes me feel that, not only are the current round of slashes to university budgets inevitable, they are deserved.

    If you do not see, you are blind.
    If you see but do not complain, you are complicit.
    If you complain but do not act, you are self-serving.

    Matthew 7: 4-5

  4. I didn’t have any problems with mine today, but I don’t know if there was a difference between their free ones or their other ones in terms of problems. Glad it finally started working for you again.

  5. I am very happy for the switch I made from WP to b2evolution.
    The support is just a member forum, but you usually get the help you need.
    Not that I really needed anything yet.
    I just love that I have all my blogs running on one Site 🙂
    It’s not everyone’s piece of cake though.

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