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Sign up for my giveaway — you’ll love this product.  I do!  My legs feel like silk and look great, too!

Ella is visiting Tilden and is being her usual charming self.

My friend TinaMarie, who you met in this post has started a cooking blog.  Please go say hey. You’ll absolutely love the post up now.  Check out the look on her new daughter-in-law’s face when she realizes what kind of a family she’s married into! 😉

Thom says I am boring and I need to liven things up here a bit.  I figured it was just “good ol’ Thom” trying to cheer me up, then I found this comment in my spam folder:  This was such a great blog post I couldn’t wait to finish it. It sort of sounds like a compliment, but it isn’t really, is it?  Expect some changes here in the near future.

If you’ve not heard from me at your blog, I have been quite busy, so recently I have only been visiting those who visit me.


  1. I never thought it was boring around here.

    I need to keep and post some of my spam comments — some are doozies. That one is funny in that,”Hey, wait a minute….” sense. One pastor we knew had someone tell him, “Every sermon is better than the next!” Which also sounded good until he thought about it a minute.

    1. Barbara — I think I’ll try that sermon line out on pastor. (It isn’t true, but it might be fun to watch him scratch his head!)

    1. Melli — you and Barbara are dears. I haven’t been as lively lately as I used to be. Are you up for another photo challenge?

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