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Please Ignore the Walking Carpet

I went to a friend’s house for a birthday party the other night. (His, not mine.) The party was a ton of fun — how could it not be when Ramona and Corey are a ton of fun?  First off, we had a 50th birthday party even though Corey is only 49.  The idea was to get him used to being 50 so next year it won’t come us such a shock.  I must say though that the words Corey used to thank us with were a tad-bit shocking.  LOL!

When I stepped in the front door I automatically took off my shoes and left them by this huge dog bed.  I don’t know why my brain didn’t register that as odd. Ramona and Corey have three tiny little dogs, a Shitzu, a Maltese, and a Pomeranian.  I know from past visits that their dog beds are all in the master bedroom.

Anyway, I guess I was too busy looking around for friends and checking out the buffet table — stuffed mushrooms, yum! — to give two thoughts to the giant puppy mattress in the living room.  That’s why I was so startled about 20 minutes later when a huge chunk of shag carpeting trotted through the room.  Everyone was startled.  Conversation stopped.  We all stared at this humongous flokati rug as it plowed through the crowd, birthday boy in its wake, and shot out the front door.

When Corey and the dog disappeared from view we all turned our eyes toward Ramona.  She said, “That’s Winston. We’re dog sitting. He’s an Old English Sheepdog.” Of course the normal rounds of jokes ensued — “Didn’t look old to me!”  “Are you sure that was a dog?”  “I thought the carpet threw up!” — and the party noise resumed.

Moments later one of the party guest let out a shriek.  She’d just realized she was sitting in Winston’s bed, and she was totally covered in long gray and white hair.  Luckily she was good natured and laughed about it.  She said something I have always known — large dog beds make great floor pillows, but only if they don’t actually belong to large dogs!


  1. i wonder what the dog must have thought about the human congregation and the confiscation of his rug… funny story 🙂

    1. Polona – -Winston is blind and he decided he was happier outside in the two acre yard then he was inside with 30 wandering people.

  2. Haha, that’s funny, getting him used to being 50 LOL. A birthday in advance!

    I can be a little OC and lying down on a dog’s gray and white hairs? I wouldn’t be laughing, I would be taking a bath and changing my clothes. Haha!

    1. HC — Ramona is a doctor and Cody is an EMT. They keep their house and their dogs very clean, so that was clean dog hair decorating the house guest.

  3. Your story took me back quite a few years to our first townhouse apartment. I wasn’t working when we first moved in and I was always hearing my neighbors shouting for Winston. I had seen a little boy and I presumed he was the one being called.
    It wasn’t long until we met Winston – a big English sheepdog. 🙂
    He was as gentle as a lamb and I don’t know how but his ‘momma’ kept the house spotless.

  4. Wishing Corey even more joy and blessings as he steps into another year. The party sounds like a blast with good natured guests. I would love to see a photo of Winston.

  5. Hilarious 😀
    I remember playing with one of those oversized carpets as a teenager.
    They ARE huge :D!
    But hey, they can’t shed as much as our Labrador. He’s unbelievable!

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