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The Muffed Target #15

Thom has taken over Gattina’s meme invention, Muffed Target Photo Meme. The idea is to share our photos that didn’t turn out. Come on, you know we all have them! You share yours and I’ll share mine!

As promised, here are more of the rose bush shots from the day I first tried out my new macro lenses.

Rose Leaf & Water Drops
Rose Leaf with Water Drops

The focus on the water drop is perfect, but the leaves, not so much.

Rose Leaf & Water Drop
Rose Leaves With a Water Drop

I would like this one if I could have managed to get the leading edge of the leaf in focus as well.

Bee Butt
Rose Leaf With a Magnified Bee Butt in a Water Drop

Didn’t even see the bee butt until I downloaded this.  It is the photo’s saving grace.

Rose Leaf
Rose Leaf Edge & Water Drop

And then the sun came out.  If only the tip of the leaf were in focus.  If so, I would call this perfect.


  1. This first two I would have been jumping up and down for joy seeing how good they are. I fail to see the bees butt. LOL. The last one Atta Girl! Thanks for playing. 🙂

  2. Pft! You are TOO picky! The bee butt one is blurry… I’ll give ya that… but the others I would never call muffed.

  3. What Barbara said . . . ethereal…but I can see why you were frustrated with them. Getting the new lens is supposed to FIX all that stuff, right?

    I wonder if God ever looks at us and says, “I gave you a new lens! Don’t you get it YET?”

  4. I love your macro lens. The drop of water on the end of the rose leaf is so serene, but ain’t nothin’ gonna beat a bee butt. Nope, hard to touch that with a barge pole.

    Kay, Alberta

  5. But I have nothing to post because I always throw out my worstest pictures. I want the world to see me as perfect as I am. And if you believe that, I have a bridge you might like to buy.

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