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  1. Somebody gets up early!

    Actually, I get up before the sunrise… it’s just that I’m still in my pajamas after the sun starts racing.

  2. .
    This is a nice one, Quilly. I like the ideas of racing the sun.
    Wearing those tennies adds a lot to it.
    BTW, I’m not sharing in the Haiku Wednesday for today.
    I am pretty well strapped for time this week. My sister from Iowa is coming Thursday, I’m teaching SS this Sunday, and we have Mrs. Jim’s Sunday school class over for lunch after church this Sunday also.
    My household jobs are to sweep and clean the floors and rugs and to pick up my junk. I probably will also cut up veggies and fruit and other kitchen help for the Sunday meal. My sister and hubby get leftover Ima Garen’s Greek ‘Pastitsio.’ I don’t like the way ‘Barefoot’ spells it but the meal turned out good.
    And no, I will never boycott your blog. 🙂 I enjoy them and your writing. I just couldn’t figure why you were missing my MFM posts.
    I can’t sing, play an instrument, paint or draw, or probabliy even write very good. But I like to write. [I used to like to sing until I was asked not to be in a church choir a long time ago.]

  3. “race it through the day” is a lovely thought… i can easily relate to that one. i love sunrise because it spells another chance. just take it slow though and enjoy the morning breeze. 🙂

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