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A Slight Oversight

She followed him into the garage — walked him all the way to the car door and kissed him good bye. She pushed the button that raised the garage door and waved at him as he rolled away. She closed the garage door and went in the house.

She had a huge list of things to get done and an appointment to keep. Time was precious. She got her Avon deliveries together, made her grocery list, took her shower and dressed for the day. Then She grabbed her car keys and headed for the garage … where there was no car.

No car.

The good-bye kiss replayed in her mind. Afterward He stepped into the car and She closed the door behind him. She even remembered waving as He drove away. So why was it that She was surprised to find herself without the car?

Sometimes She frightens herself.


She called him on the phone.

“Hello, Love,” He answered.

She said, “I … love…you?”

“Uhm,” He said. “Why does that sound like a question?”

She said, “I have no car.”

He laughed. “I wondered when you would notice that,” He said. “In about a half an hour, I will come and get you and take you out to lunch, then you can take me to work and have the car.”

Then She said emphatically, “I love you!”


  1. I love his reaction almost as much as the whole thing. Thinking the car was waiting for you got you moving . . . so you were probably able to accomplish a lot more than if you’d KNOWN you couldn’t drive anywhere for a while!

    1. Kelley — you’re if I’d known I had no car for the day, I wouldn’t have done half of what I accomplished! No point in getting things ready to go if there’s no way to take them!

  2. Sounds like what I call a blonde moment. Or as my husband tells me in a few years I can call them senior moments. 🙂

    1. Linda — that thought did cross my mind, but eating at the Hungry Clam everyday would shrink our budget and expand our waists!

  3. LOL, Quilly — I have gone to the garage to drive away and found it empty, but it was when my oldest had driven himself to handbell practice in my minivan.
    At least Amoeba had it figured out and took you out to lunch in the process. Deal! 😀

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