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Weekend Reflections ~ Rowboats

James, over at Newton Area Photo
hosts a fun meme called Weekend Reflections.
Grab a camera and play along.
And even if you don’t join the fun,
be sure to check out James’ dazzling photos.


The really great thing about living on an island, is the easy access to water, and water reflection shots. These are the rowboats on the docks at the lab. I took this shot the morning after a squall, which explains the kelp tangle at the edge of the dock.


    1. Nicole — if you want to use a boat you sign it out, pick it up and put it in the water. When you return, you put the boat back on the dock and sign it in. Two people can move one relatively easily. They are light fiberglass shells.

  1. Is it still the weekend? I’d like to reflect for a moment on the spectacular scenery of secured rowboats on a dock after a squall…

  2. Nice!

    After spending time in a kayak, I’ve decided it is superior to canoes and rowboats… at least, for being inside one in the water! Photography is another matter entirely.

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