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A Sailing We Went!

My first time ever on a sailboat.  It was an adventure and I had a grand time.

1 The Melibe
The Melibe

We arrived at the Friday Harbor Labs to find The Melibe at the dock waiting for us.

2 The Melibe
The Melibe

I was farsighted enough to get a couple of shots before we started out.

3 no sails
The Melibe -- rigging

There was very little wind, so my first sail boating experience was sans sails. Alas.

4 scenery
small island

The San Juan Islands provide many gorgeous photo opps!

5 fly boy
sea gull

This fly boy raced the boat. He won but The Melibe didn’t try to out run him.

6 on course

Steady as she goes!

7 immature bald eagle
immature eagle

One of the locals (an immature bald eagle) came out to stare at us as we sailed by.

boat house
boat house

This boat house is on the beach where we landed. We headed the opposite direction, to the UW properties and the apple orchard. We transferred from The Melibe to a flat-bottomed boat made for transporting people and cargo to shore.

9 Melibe at anchor
The Melibe

When we landed on the beach, I made certain to turn around and photograph The Melibe at anchor, but I totally spaced out photographing our little shuttle boat.


  1. That looks lovely. My only experience on a sailboat was a MUCH, MUCH smaller one on lake Michigan in VERY windy weather. They told my friend afterwards that we were the only boat not to capsize that day, something for which I’m very grateful. Lovely photos. Looks like it was a wonderful day.

  2. .
    I don’t blame you Quilly, I’d have had a couple of shots before I left also. 🙂
    Sincerely, though, that looks like you should have had a lovely sailing. I envy you being in such a pretty surounding. I’ve only been sailing once also. A group of us sailed out to Red Fish Island in Galveston Bay. We lost sight of land but even when there was land nothing was pretty. Except our Bolivar Lighthouse, it was pretty.

  3. Mr Mar sailed across the Atlantic, through the Panama Canal and down the Pacific. He didn’t know it was so worth it: we were meant to meet! We spent 5 weeks sailing when our son was 5…lovely memories.
    Glad you enjoyed your sailing experience, wonderful pictures too 8)

  4. That seagull is an amazing shot! It doesn’t seem possible that your photos could get even better, and then they do, again and again.

    I grew up around rivers and sailboats and the bay, never thought of them as anything special back then (stunk of crab pots if you asked me LOL) but oh, they are.

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