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Tilden’s 7 Questions

Linda of Mocha With Linda did the seven question meme, then I took her questions (she didn’t tag me) and answered them on my blog.  I didn’t tag anybody but Tilden of  Tilden Talks took my questions and answered them on her blog — so I am answering her questions here.  Whew!  Complicated, isn’t it?

If you want to complicate things even further, run over to Tilden’s and steal these questions, or visit my previous post and steal those questions and play along as well.  You can decide whether to tag seven other people or whether to leave your readers free to play at will.  (Isn’t that nice of me?)

Here are Tilden’s questions & my answers — Tilden said to answer the questions as if money weren’t an issue:

1. Where would you visit? Who would you take along?
Where would I visit?! I’d visit the world!  And, believe it or not, I am antisocial so I would likely take only Amoeba. However, if I found someplace really great I wanted a friend to see, I’d probably send him/her a ticket, maybe to join us, maybe to visit with another of his/her friends, depending.

2. Would you take 3 four year olds to a theme park or the playground at school?
Why not? I took 18 four year-olds to the zoo. That’s what teachers do.

3. How much of your money would you give away?
Lots! Charities, friends, good causes, just because ….

4. You have a choice between a 3 year old BMW 328i that needs major work or a perfect Nissan Versa hatchback. Which one?
I want the car that runs. I don’t much care what my vehicle looks like so make and model don’t interest me. I care whether or not I can get in it and go!

5. Your pet has taken ill, the vet is unable to pinpoint the cause of the illness and the pet is suffering.What now?
Well, in Hawthorne’s case, I had him put down. I couldn’t stand to watch him suffer, and he his anger and confusion over the pain made him a hazzard for the people and pets in the house.

6. Freshman girl comes home with  a wad of cash, spiked green hair, metal in her face, skimpy clothes and a senior boyfriend, (who was actually held back 2 years). What would happen at your house?
I would send her to her own home. I don’t have kids and shouldn’t have to worry about what happens next.

7. If I called you up right now and invited you over, would you bring anything? If so, what?
Yes! My suitcase — it’s a long trip — and a soda so you’d actually let me in.


  1. Make sure you donate to the Thom “Bite Me” Robinson Foundation for the Inner Workings of Words to Say that Express So Well.

  2. LOL! I thought #2 was an either or question… I would have chosen the amusement park. I wasn’t thinking in terms that NO was an option! But I wouldn’t say no… ever!

    #6… all I can say is I am sO glad that freshman girl WASN’T mine! But for the fun of it… I’d definitely want to know WHERE the money came from… the hair and metal could stay – it’s a phase… the skimpy clothes will need to go as will the boy friend with no self-respect. If he doesn’t respect himself I can’t very well expect him to show my daughter any.

  3. I’m not much of a traveler. I like seeing places but not traveling to get there, so that limits me. 😀 I pretty much only travel to see family or with family to some event.

    I’ve taken several young kids to parks and playgrounds, no problem. But amusements parks where it is so busy and there are so many places to lose somebody — I’d rather do that with other parents in charge of their own kids.

    It’s hard to know how much money we’d give away without knowing how much we have in the first place. 🙂 But I’d like to think if we had more we’d give away more rather than stocking up “things” for ourselves. We do give, but I’d be hard pressed to put a percentage on it.

    I agree with your answer to #4. #5 would depend on age, suffering, and whether there was someone to refer us to that might have some ideas.

    #6 — I’d wait til my husband came home. Yep, I’m a wimp. Seriously, though, he can handle situations like that much more diplomatically than I can.
    #7 — besides basic clothes and toiletries, I’d probably ask if I could bring anything. That is a pretty standard question here when invited anywhere.

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