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  1. nobody could say it better like you do, quilly! succinct and meaningful few words… bravo! that’s a blissful photo of thom as well- perfect for your haiku!

    1. Pink — spending time with tome is seldom blissful, but it is energetic, invigorating and exhilarating — kind of like a rollercoaster ride!

    1. Barbara — I think we are all pioneers in our own way, forging our own paths through life. some of them don’t look as daring or exciting, but each is fraught with joy, sorrow, success, failure, euphoria and pain.

  2. Why couldn’t I ever write haiku like this when I took poetry classes. All I could write was roses are red, violets are blue, . . . . I’m jealous.

  3. I knew it! That is Thom! we do have to forge our own way, but we also have to be willing to accept a helping hand as well. This is beautiful Quilly!

    1. Amanda — that is indeed Thom. If he wants to help you there is no option to ignore the helping hand. He’s big enough to (heart and body) to help anyway!

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