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I Was Away

This morning I got on the ferry and traveled to the mainland for an Avon meeting.  Because I live on the island and have to ferry to Anacortes and then drive to Mt. Vernon, what is a lunch date to the other Representatives is an all day commitment for me.  That’s why you didn’t see me at your blogs today.

I had an amazed, blessed day today though — one of those days when everything clicks into place with such ease one can’t help but be aware that God is navigating.  I left the house without taking the address to the meeting place with me.  I remembered Round Table Pizza and I knew I was going to Mt. Vernon, other than that, I was clueless.

I have driven in Mt. Vernon twice, both times months apart.  I forgot that when I came into town I would be forced to turn either left or right.  I ended up in the left turn lane by default.  I figured I’d drive up that road until I found a likely place to stop and ask for directions, but as I crested a rise I could see a shopping center in the distance and the Round Table Pizza sign.  I pulled into the parking lot, switched off my engine and glanced at my watch — 5 minutes to meeting time.

After the meeting I had some shopping to do.  One of my friends wanted me to pick up dog food, so I needed to find the PetSmart (she had coupons for the expensive stuff).  I asked someone at the meeting for directions.  She told me it was behind the new McDonald’s.  I told her I wasn’t local and didn’t know where the new McDonald’s was.  She told me to just drive up the street and cross the bridge, I couldn’t miss it.  Guess what ….

There are two streets.  They parallel each other and they both have a bridge.  She was talking about one, I took the other.  However, it turns out the street I took runs behind the new McDonald’s — which put me right in front of PetSmart.  Pretty cool, huh?

Then, leaving PetSmart, I asked a woman in the parking lot for the closest I-5 on ramp.   The one I’d entered town on was over 3 miles away with a traffic light on every corner between me and it.  She said there was an on-ramp right beside the shopping center.  I was thinking “bummer” because I thought I had already passed the exit I needed to get me to highway 20 without driving all the way through town, then she added, “Just be careful and get into the far lanes as quickly as possible or you’ll have to take the Whidbey Island exit and you’ll find yourself headed for Anacortes” — which of course is exactly where I wanted to be!

So I took half the lady’s advice and was in Anacortes a good half hour earlier than I expected to be.  That means that instead of waiting over an hour for the 6 p.m. ferry, I rolled on to the 4:30 p.m. ferry (they actually delayed departure for a few minutes while I bought my ticket) and I was home by 6 p.m.

I am so glad because no sooner did I get in the house than a big storm blew in.  It began to rain as the ferry docked.  Right now it sounds like a wind machine is raging outside my window and the rain is coming down sideways! I am glad I am home and dry — and I have the candles and matches right here at my right hand just in case.


  1. Glad to know you got home safe and dry! Me, I wasn’t lucky. On my way to school this morning, out of nowhere, rain just came pouring down. I had to go to class drenched. I look like a wet duckling!

  2. Well I’m glad you are home safe and sound. I have to say though…well nope…not going to…we’ve had this talk before *thinking back to a wonderful friday night walking Nalu and taking an unexpected stop at your house and we talked for a long time just sitting out in the driveway 🙂 I miss those ya know!!!!

  3. G – God’s
    P – Provision
    S – Sustains

    It’s the only system I need. What a great reminder of how faithful He is. He knew the storm was coming, and He knew that you would get on the computer and blog the day. You’re faithful too.

  4. I’ve been out of town all weekend, so I haven’t been blogging either!

    God – the original GPS! (So much for being clever – just saw southlaikes mom’s comment! LOL)

  5. It is storming like crazy here and I hope my power doesn’t go out – we haven’t had rain like this the entire month!

  6. I love days like that when everything works out so very well. And to end it safely at home with a storm outside is icing on the cake! (I love a good storm when I am safe in my cozy house.)

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