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Enjoying Some Silly

Looks like I am not going to get to Microfiction this week.  In fact, since tomorrow is the monthly Mary-Martha meeting (and it’s at my house) and Wednesday the newsletter is due (I’m the editor), I am reasonably short on spare time.  However, when my brain needs a little thinking vacation, I visit Youtube.  I thought I’d share my current giggle with all of you:

I will be visiting blogs in just a bit and hope to get through them all before bedtime. Just quit posting until I catch up, okay?


    1. Karen, I do, too – -and my favorite part of this skit was when monster joined them with his back up singers and sang ma-nah-ma-nah.

    1. Church Lady — despite the words (to the real version) I love this song. I think it is the music. That makes the Muppet version perfect.

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