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The Muffed Target #17

The Muffed Photo Meme is sponsored by Thom “Bite Me” Robinson, and can be found every Tuesday (actually usually as early as Monday afternoon) on his blog, Thom’s Place 4 Well, Whatever. Believe me, this meme really fits in his “well whatever” category:

Each Tuesday post a completely crazy, messed up photo — one you would normally delete. The subject matter isn’t important — did you take a picture of your thumb? The lens cap? The wrong half of great Aunt Betty? (Really, she usually has a head …) Or perhaps you’ve got a shot of your own nose hairs taken while you were trying to determine why the flash wasn’t working. Whatever your photo goof is, we want to see it!

So, let’s all expose our photo flubs. You show me yours and I’ll show you mine!

Grainy, yet under-exposed. I can’t find the correct light setting for my 10x macro lens. The 1x, 2x, & 4x lenses give me no trouble. The 10x lens does not record what I see through my view finder and I still don’t know why.  This shot was taken on a bright, sunny day and I was standing in full sunlight.  Obviously the 10x lens seriously blocks light intake.  Why?  And can I counter it short of getting spotlights, or are spotlights the answer?


  1. Well I wouldn´t have a clue about lenses and filters and settings. But I think this is a really interesting photo. Especially since you mentioned that it was taken in full sunlight.

  2. I love your intro paragraph. LOL. Though the shot looks grainy, I gotta agree to the previous comments that it looks very artistic. Have a wonderful week 🙂

  3. Unfortunately, I don’t own a good camera and all the lenses that go with it (yet), so I am of no help to you. Even though it is a little dark, the photo reminds me of a old tapestry print of some kind.

  4. Q I thought this was a night shot myself. ROFLMAO!!! And you are trying to pass this off as a photo taken in a bright sunny day? i wish I could help you but I can do these kind without any type of lens LOL Thanks for playing. Much appreciated 🙂

  5. .
    Poor Baby, can’t find the right lens for her camera. 🙂
    So, lets call it ‘abstract.’

    I haven’t done these but I should. I never throw stuff away, even the bad.

    The instructions remind me of a little haiku I once wrote:
    some thoughts can recall
    show me yours I’ll show you mine
    saith first grade girl friend

  6. i have no experience whatsoever with these kind of lenses but it is quite possible that they take a lot of light. the photo may be grainy and underexposed (it is) but it does have an artsy look 🙂

  7. If it’s not what you were looking for, it still came out awesome — I love those autumn colors and the shadowy feel is really lovely.

    Good luck getting those macro settings down! I need to finally learn my camera’s abilities too — I’m ‘auto’-dependent unfortunately.

  8. I feel your pain in not getting it right.
    No help online somewhere?

    It still looks cool. Like a painting of some awesome artist 🙂

  9. Gosh, I love this shot! Looks like an intentional still life to me. The camera seems to be compensating for the lenses and brightness by speeding up the shutter and making it underexposed. I’d make a manual adjustment to the shutter speed if you have that option. Drop it to 1/60. Your brightness and proper exposure should return…methinks. It’s been so long since I’ve used a real camera with manual adjustments, I could be off on it, but definitely, the camera is adjusting for all the light that is magnifyed into it by the strength of the macro. At least we can see you have a great eye for composition! Good luck! : )

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