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Amoeba is Coming Home!

My love returns! He’s coming home without his baggage, but at least he is coming home! I miss him so!

Right now he is in Seattle — only a hundred miles away! He is on his way to the Hawaiian Airlines counter to find out why his baggage never arrived. From there he’ll head for door 00 and Kenmore Airlines and around 1 o’clock this afternoon I will have my Amoeba home! It has been a very long two weeks and these last three days have been the hardest.


    1. Melli — we both promptly fell asleep — in different rooms! Amoeba was “watching” football and I nodded off in my chair.

    1. Jenn — Amoeba got a call last night telling him his suitcase went on to Las Vegas. I guess it wanted a bright lights vacation.

    1. Barbara — at midnight last night Amoeba realized he didn’t have a toothbrush. I wondered why he hadn’t thought of that when we were at the store ingredients for his requested dinner?

    1. Linda — I didn’t sl;eep really well, but at least every time I woke and reached for him he was there, so I went back to sleep.

    1. Jannie — Amoeba is my mate. His nickname comes from his job. He’s a natural scientist and one of his research specialties is protozoa. If you click on my main page and then scroll down, he is the subject of my current weekend reflection post.

  1. You must be nearby! We are only an hour from Seattle!

    Glad your son is home – hope the luggage follows quickly behind!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. UGH! I typed “son” and totally spaced it – I am so sorry! I meant to use the same word you did! Glad your LOVE is home!

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