Don’t Call Search & Rescue

Yes, I know we went missing.  Our bad.  The problem started when my blog host went offline.  While it was down we left the island.  Amoeba had to see the doc about a mole on his lip.  The doc took the mole and left Amoeba with a really big bandage on his face.  That is why we couldn’t be found.

We are home now, but going to bed.  I have poked pain killers in Amoeba and he is kind of spacey. I need to get him to lay down before he falls down.

While you’re waiting for me to wake up and visit your blogs, Facebook did manage to upload the entire Watermelon Man video. This is the One More Time Band playing at The Rumor Mill in Friday Harbor, Washington. Amoeba is playing the trumpet solo with the plunger mute. You can also see this on Facebook.

Amoeba is Coming Home!

My love returns! He’s coming home without his baggage, but at least he is coming home! I miss him so!

Right now he is in Seattle — only a hundred miles away! He is on his way to the Hawaiian Airlines counter to find out why his baggage never arrived. From there he’ll head for door 00 and Kenmore Airlines and around 1 o’clock this afternoon I will have my Amoeba home! It has been a very long two weeks and these last three days have been the hardest.

Moved Out — Lock, Stock & Barrel

The Dudes have moved. They have finally grown up enough to get their very own place. They have taken with them all of your favorite posts from here and from O’Ceallaigh & The Quill.

They have their own address:, and their next task — aside from entertaining you weakly weekly — will be to decorate the place.  I don’t know how long that will take them.  Right now they’re still getting used to all the space.

Please pop over and welcome them to the neighborhood.  And, if you happen to be one of the few who don’t care for Dude and Dude, go welcome them anyway keeping in mind that as long as they are there, they aren’t here.

In truth, I am a little nervous about the Dudes having their own place.  When they reside with either Amoeba or I we have the ability to delete them if they get too outrageous.  Who knows what they are going to do on their own?  It could be scary.

My Fair Gentleman

More, more more …

Cast Photo for My Fair Lady

As you likely know by now, Amoeba has a couple of parts in the San Juan Island Community Theater production of My Fair Lady. The photo above is of the entire cast, orchestra and most of the crew of the play. Photo credit goes to Ken Serratt of Digital San Juan.  Ken stitched this photo together from 5 different shots.

If you have missed our other posts on the play, Amoeba has a couple up: Cockneys; and, Dude and Dude: Singin’ ‘n’ Dancin’.  And yesterday I posted: My Fair Mister which includes a few of my own snapshots and a couple of videos, one the play trailer and an exceptional montage put together by Ken Serratt, who plays Doolittle in the production.