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  1. OOoh, I like this one!
    I’ve been in a haiku mood lately. I taught my 5th grader how to write haiku, but it’s been a dangerous adventure. He wrote about moldy lettuce yesterday! 😛

  2. .
    It’s good Quilly. Is it the truth?
    Enjoy your new life! 🙂 Senior citizen discounts start now.
    They vary at what age but some are 50. Most Burger Kings
    have senior discounts for those over 55. You have to ask.

    Have you ever tasted Purnell’s Old Folks Turkey Sausage?

  3. Shouldn’t it be 40 years? Gosh you always write stuff that makes me sigh! BTW I loved the Haiku you wrote for me voting is a passion of mine!

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