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Poetry Slam #1

Melissa, aka The Scholastic Scribe wants to welcome us to Mrs. Scribe’s Poetry Slam. I could explain to you what a poetry slam is, why we’re doing it on Tuedays and why you should join, but I’ll let Mrs. Scribe’s very own words do that:

Poetry slams are meant to challenge the creative among us, and get those creative juices flowing.

I want to write a poem every week (make it Tuesday…I have nothing better to do on Tuesdays, do you?).  I’ll post my poem, and perhaps a neat photo or two, on my blog. I hope then that some of y’all will follow suit, posting a bit of poetry on your blogs, or a photo for thought, as well. Doesn’t have to be anything epic.  A limerick, a couple of lines of open verse.  Anything that moves you will do the trick! And if you don’t feel like writing that particular day, don’t.  Just have fun flitting around the blogosphere to see what others have come up with for your reading pleasure.

So, without further ado, here is my photo and a bit of verse to go with …

apple smiles

One sun-kissed day
full of
fruit picking
tree climbing,
worth a smile
even though,


the apples were too tart.



  1. I love that photo. It has such a clean nostalgic feel to it and the contrast between the whites and bursts of colors match the tartness of the apples in your poem.

    1. Nessa — Part of the charm of this photo is the dress the young lady chose to wear. I came very close to rendering this photo back and white because of that nostalgic charm. I wish my cheapy (free) photo editor had a “fade” feature.

  2. The point of apple-picking is to ride in the bed of a pick-up, right?

    I like the poem. Not too tart. Not too sweet.

    1. Actually, Doug, we sailed the Maribe to Lopez island and then walked to the apple orchard. Once there we filled this pick up (taken over earlier via the ferry) with apples, then we all walked down to the beach and went back to the Maribe for our trip home. We left the apple-filled pick up and driver (yes, the driver was apple-filled, too — we all were!) to make their slow way back via ferry.

      1. .
        I asked below why the girl was in the pickup bed.
        The bed doesn’t look very full yet. Did it get filled up?

    1. Yankee Girl — I loved this particular apple picking season because I got to combine it with photography and my first sailboat ride!

  3. You captured the look on the girl’s face just perfectly — looks like she just took a bite that wasn’t quite what she expected, but she’s still loving the activity and the day.

    1. Barbara — the apples were cold, crisp, juicy and very tart! Having indulged in a few myself, I completely understood the look on her face!

  4. .
    A slam right here on your blog, Huh? Who will do the reading? I guess we will each read each others to ourselves. Unless we put on a [can’t remember the name for a talking blog].

    Houston has several poetry slams each week. One is a biggie! I haven’t been but want to attend. I did check a book from the library on poetry slams and how to do one. I didn’t get very much read from it.

    Your picture is neat. The pretty little girl is peeling her apple in the bed of the pickup. Why is she in there? When Mrs. Jim peels her apples (for pies) I eat the peels. That is the most healthy part. 🙂

    1. Jim — please feel free to read the poem yourself. Read it aloud if you’ve a mind to. I’ve not yet figured out how to do a podcast.

      The little girl’s mother peeled the apple for her. The child is in the pick up because we are getting ready to move to the next tree and it is much easier to not run over children if they are inside the rig. There are actually two little girls, sisters. Yes, we filled the pick up full of apples. I did an entire post about apple picking.

      You are a garbage disposal huh? But at least you are a healthy garbage disposal.

      1. .
        Oh yes, a podcast! Why would I forget that. Thank you. 🙂

        When I was about her age I rode in a two-wheeled trailer hitched behind the corn wagon into which Mom and Dad were throwing the ears of corn they picked.

        That was the same trailer that Dad would take my sister and I to school when there was a blizzard. The teacher roomed next door to the country school and would not close school for snow. Up hill and down hill, in the snow. 🙂

        1. .
          Thank you for pointing me to your apple picking post. Those pictures, each one would be a winner in a photo contest. Tell me if you enter and double tell me you have a winner.

          On October 19th I was in Iowa visiting my sister. I made a few blog rounds but obviously missed this one. My terrible loss until today. Sorry I missed but thank you again for pointing it out to me. 🙂

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