Poetry Slam #1

Melissa, aka The Scholastic Scribe wants to welcome us to Mrs. Scribe’s Poetry Slam. I could explain to you what a poetry slam is, why we’re doing it on Tuedays and why you should join, but I’ll let Mrs. Scribe’s very own words do that:

Poetry slams are meant to challenge the creative among us, and get those creative juices flowing.

I want to write a poem every week (make it Tuesday…I have nothing better to do on Tuesdays, do you?).  I’ll post my poem, and perhaps a neat photo or two, on my blog. I hope then that some of y’all will follow suit, posting a bit of poetry on your blogs, or a photo for thought, as well. Doesn’t have to be anything epic.  A limerick, a couple of lines of open verse.  Anything that moves you will do the trick! And if you don’t feel like writing that particular day, don’t.  Just have fun flitting around the blogosphere to see what others have come up with for your reading pleasure.

So, without further ado, here is my photo and a bit of verse to go with …

apple smiles

One sun-kissed day
full of
fruit picking
tree climbing,
worth a smile
even though,


the apples were too tart.


Apple Picking

The orchard is quite old.

tall grass
It sits in a field of tall grass.

few apples
At first we feared there were too few apples …

apple dew
Although they looked lovely covered in morning dew.

Amoeba's apple
Amoeba picked one of the first apples — and part of the tree, too.

tree climbing
Soon we were tree climbing …

apple picking
… and apple picking.

apple beauty contest
An apple beauty contest was organized.

crisp & juicy
And a winner was chosen!

Finally the pick up (and our tummies) were full of apples.

back to the boat
So we headed back to the sailboat.