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She Could Have Waited Forever

She woke.  He was sitting on the bed beside her with his laptop on his lap.

She said, “Aren’t you cold?” then scrambled from the bed and ran into the living room and turned up the thermostat.  Even though she wasn’t wearing her glasses and couldn’t see well,  she glanced out the sliding glass doors. What on earth was that white stuff all over the deck?


She took several tentative steps closer.


She ran into the bedroom and crawled across the bed until He and She were nose to nose. “Snow!” She exclaimed excitedly.  “Do you know how long it has been since I’ve seen snow?”

He looked up from his computer and smiled at her.  “No,” He said.  “How long has it been since you’ve seen snow?”

She answered, “Nineteen-ninety-seven!  Fourteen years!”

He said, “Wow! That’s a long time.”

She leaned in even closer and very seriously answered, “Not. Long. Enough!”

He laughed.

She pointed toward the backyard and told him to clean it up.

He told her she’d have to  to take it up with God.

“Oh,” she said.

She doesn’t think she is going to win this one.


  1. You got snow? Wow!!
    I’ve heard it’s going to be a really cold winter here, but sadly that doesn’t translate into also being a big snow year. I loved our blizzards last winter!

  2. Snow, huh? That’s why I love living where the people have never seen snow. Living in cold and wet weather appeals as much to me as holy water does to Satan.

  3. We’ve seen a few flakes here in Toronto, but nothing has hit the ground yet. We usually have green grass until Christmas… good for us, lousy for the kids. I wouldn’t mind if the kids could go sledding a few times this winter! That’s a great part of childhood!

    But yeah… I hate being cold.

  4. We had a LOT of snow when we visited Illinois in January 2 years ago. That’s why we went back in spring this year. I miss the change of seasons, but don’t miss the shoveling. AND yet… I love the beauty and magic of snow. We used to walk around the village and watch snow turn the yards into fairylands. Ahhhh….

    Then again, I’m glad I can still wear shorts right now.

  5. You weren’t even just a teensy bit excited? I think the first snow is always pretty and exciting. It’s when we get large amounts of snow that lingers on forever that I can do without.

  6. ROFL! It’s been a loooooooong time since I’ve seen snow BEFORE Thanksgiving! I’m thinking it was 1988. That’s the last time I can remember anyway! I’m sO glad that white stuff is where YOU are and not where I AM! And no… I do not believe you will win if God wants snow… but if it was just a little, he may clean it up for you quickly!

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