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Thursday Two Questions #13

I just found this online and it looks like sensible fun! Please join me.

Blessing ReflectionsWelcome to Thursday Two Questions! A Meme hosted by Blessing Reflections.  Have you ever had a question about something silly or smart? Or are you ever just curious about how people think and react?  While we are in the blogosphere, we might as well try to learn from one another.  Answer my two questions on my blog, then click the badge and go check out everybody else’s questions and answers, you’ll be glad you did!   For participation details please read the  Thursday Two Questions Page.


Your answers to my two questions are going to help me get ready for our Christmas Open House:

1.) If I am throwing the party, do I really need to provide the guests with a memento as they are leaving?

2.) In case the majority of folks tell me the answer to #1 is yes, would a small packet of homemade cookies and a set of recipe cards for the foods served at the party be acceptable, and would you appreciate such a gift?


  1. 1. No — Party mementos are usually date specific for weddings, anniversaries and such.

    2. Unless you want to –then a packet of cookies OR recipes inside of a Christmas card OR a Christmas tree ornament would be fun and appreciated.

    1. Karen — thank you, I thought party favors were for a whole different kind of party, but as I have been planning 3 different people have asked me what I planned to give out as favors, so I began to doubt …. however, I do think I will make up the recipe packets in case someone asks.

    1. Gary — I have the same comment for you that I have for Thom (below) — I don’t think I should be taking party advice from, “Grouches R Us.”

  2. Pffft. They ought to leave me something. It’s an honor and privilege just to be asked to one of my shindigs. And attending they best be grateful and come with an ample supply of gifts for moi.

    1. Thom — — I have the same comment for you that I have for Gary (above) — I don’t think I should be taking party advice from, “Grouches R Us.”

  3. 1) Traditionally, I never received one, and haven’t heard of the host giving out memento, only at children BD parties.
    2) I would love to have a small packet of homemade cookies and a set of recipe cards! Though not expected, it would be a pleasant surprise. 🙂

    Welcome and thanks for joining TTQ today.

    1. SS — thanks. I hope to participate in your questions every week. I wish I had found this from it’s inception. And thanks for the advice!

  4. I think giving a party is quite generous enough. But if the hostess adds some homemade cookies and recipe cards to boot, I’d be thrilled. Giving a party is a lot of work, ahead of time, during and after. Such generosity is rare and I am extremely grateful to friends who invite me.

  5. thank you for visiting my Thursday 2 Questions and leaving answeres.:p

    i don’t throw parties often, and our customs here are a bit different than yours. hosts only give out gifts to guests in weddings, christening and anniversaries. but in my line of work, which basically caters to the global [retail] market, we get lots of orders for hostess gifts, but not gifts for the host to give away.:p so the answer to #1 is No.

    but I would be delighted to receive a bag of home-made cookies and a set of recipe cards if i were your guest.:p

    1. Luna — actually, I always thought our hostess gift giving is much the same as you described, but a couple of my friends have told me I need to give gifts. I thought the party was the gift!

  6. Sheesh! Thank goodness lots of people said NO to #1 because I’ll be having a holiday party for relatives, etc. I don’t need that added pressure. Hoooowever, if the answer to #1 was yes, I’d say #2’s idea is awfully nice.

    1. Kay — I think I have decided to make the recipes available, but not do up cookie packets. I’ll just put them out on a platter and folks can help themselves.

  7. Good to see you on Thursday Two-Questions.

    I would say you should not feel obligated to give a gift unless you want to. You are hosting the party and that is a lot of time and expense. In most cases if I am attending a party I will take a gift for the hostess, usually a bottle of wine or flowers. Your friends seem to be mixed up on this one.

    If you do want to give a little gift I think the recipe cards would be a great idea.

  8. 1. Absolutely not! Unless, of course, you are planning a party for the under-10 crowd. (When my kids hit double-digits, that was the end of the party favor bag.)

    2. I refer you to the answer above. But I’d be happy to bring you a loaf of homemade Stollen if I came to your party.

    1. Karen — we’re planning a family friendly party and there might be a few under ten in attendance, but the invites are going out to their parents.

  9. Wow..I’m surprised to read there are many no to your #1 question.

    1) I always thought that we have to, but now I know better..we don’t have to 🙂

    2) I would love to receive homemade cookies and a recipe.

    1. WT — I was surprised when I was told I did have to, it wasn’t something I had ever previously heard of. I am glad to hear it isn’t universal!

  10. 1.No. I’d never heard of that for anything except kids’ birthday parties and functions like church banquets. Although I do remember that at a wedding or two, but it is not necessary and I hope it doesn’t become a custom — those getting married and their families have more than enough to do as it is! And the same with a host or hostess having a party at home — they’ve expended enough time and effort and money as it is, and the guests should come and enjoy and not expect take-home gifts as well. What is more customary — or used to be — is for guests to bring gifts for the hostess, but even that isn’t done widely any more, at least that I know of. I don’t want my guests to feel they need to bring anything unless we’ve already agreed that we’re dividing up the stuff for the meal.

    2. If you’re going to give something, that’s a nice idea.

  11. I like Thom’s answer!

    Honestly though, I would not give out “party favors” unless is was an intimate party with only a few guests.

    At my cookie bake on Friday, I have prepared a cute litte goodie bag for my women guests (only 5 women attending), which includes a Christmas car air freshner, kleenex and chap stick.

  12. I have to agree, no mementos are needed when throwing a party UNLESS that’s something you simply prefer to do. And, of course as an attendee to any party if my hostess gave me cookies, a recipe card, ornament, etc then I think it was simply sweet and unexpected, but I surely wouldn’t be expecting it. Personally, if I were invited to a party, I’d be on the phone saying, “What can I bring?” I think it’s a realy priviledge to be invited to a friend’s home for a special occasion. Have fun at your party!

  13. I’d say no to #1, as well. You’re already opening your home to them and feeding them. I think giving them something is above and beyond the call. If you choose to do it, though, the cookies and recipe is a wonderful idea!

  14. Sensible fun sounds like a new species. You don’t want my advice on hosting so I’ll just say “howdy!”

  15. I have never heard of a hostess having to supply presents at a Christmas party. I have heard of them for showers and children’s birthday parties; showers a special keepsake, as it is a momentous event and children’s parties as little ones feel left out if only one person is getting gifts. Aren’t we over that? 🙂

    I vote it is your party and you make the rules.

    Placing cookies on a platter and having the recipe on hand is an excellent and thoughtful idea. Taking their picture and saving it for them might be nice. In this day of digital cameras we can share at no expense.

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