Thursday Two Questions #13

I just found this online and it looks like sensible fun! Please join me.

Blessing ReflectionsWelcome to Thursday Two Questions! A Meme hosted by Blessing Reflections.  Have you ever had a question about something silly or smart? Or are you ever just curious about how people think and react?  While we are in the blogosphere, we might as well try to learn from one another.  Answer my two questions on my blog, then click the badge and go check out everybody else’s questions and answers, you’ll be glad you did!   For participation details please read the  Thursday Two Questions Page.


Your answers to my two questions are going to help me get ready for our Christmas Open House:

1.) If I am throwing the party, do I really need to provide the guests with a memento as they are leaving?

2.) In case the majority of folks tell me the answer to #1 is yes, would a small packet of homemade cookies and a set of recipe cards for the foods served at the party be acceptable, and would you appreciate such a gift?