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Bling Fling Jewelry Giveaway ~ Day 4

Quilly is giving away a quality piece of jewelry and you want to win it!  The rules are here.

Before we get to the clue, let me tell you how this contest really came to be: I was shopping at Maxand and everything is so dazzling I had a heck of a time choosing what it was I wanted.  And please note, I started out thinking about pleasing me.  I had a gift certificate to spend and I was going to add a bit of sparkle and shine to my own jewelry box.  Then I started thinking about showing off my purchase on the blog, and it seemed selfish to brag about my good fortune without sharing, so I decided that whatever I purchased for me, I would purchase for a blog giveaway, too.

Day Four: Visit the Max and Chloe online Jewelry store.  Check out the huge selection of personalized jewelry.  I couldn’t very well purchase a personalized piece for my blog giveaway because I am not clairvoyant and have no idea who was going to win, but I would have loved to have been able to.  There is nothing quite as special as knowing someone loves you so much they made a big deal over your name by having it created in jewelry.

Official Clue: If she were playing, the brand logo would set Nessa’s little heart a-flutter.


  1. With a name like Kelley, spelled with the extra ‘e’, I was always sad when it was time for holidays that people bought the ‘personalized’ stuff off the racks in stores. They never had the correct spelling.

    NOW, someone could get one for me…perhaps I’ll write to Santa!

    1. Kelley — Santa is an excellent idea. I got my first piece of personalized jewelry from my dad when I was a kid. I wore it on my coat lapel for years, then one day I noticed the mother of pearl back was still there, but my name had fallen off. I have no idea when or where.

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