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Okay, it is seriously time to start baking.  This evening, Friday and Saturday I will be scarce — not that it matters since you all seem to be busy, too, and aren’t visiting me much anyway.  A few of you are still posting and I caught up okay this morning, but I don’t know if it’s going to stay that way.

Tonight I am making cookies:  chocolate chip; chocolate butterscotch; Snickerdoodles; and maybe something else — maybe not.  We shall see. We shall also see if I remember to take photos.  I hope that, unlike Church Lady, I remember to use my oven mitt!


  1. Yes, busy here (and a bit sick, too) and my oldest flies home tomorrow. Happy party to you! May you and your guests have a wonderful time. 😀

    1. Karen — I am glad your nest will be full again for Christmas. I hope every one is well and in good spirits when it comes time to celebrate Jesus’ birthday!

  2. What time should we arrive for cookies warm from the oven?

    We had our first early out snow day so these people have been here all day who aren’t usually here. And they didn’t just jump in to help with laundry, etc. so that I could hang around the net! How RUDE!

    1. Kelley — ever thought of assigning “snow day” chores? Gram always gave me a bucket full of mismatched socks and ordered em to find as many pairs as I could. I sear some of my baby socks were in that bucket. Come to think of it, I bet some of my mother’s baby socks were in that bucket!

  3. I’ve been wanting to make cookies but don’t really have to, so they’re kind of on the back burner — so to speak. Maybe next week! Have fun!

    1. Barbara — the party here is Sunday and I still have many other things to make so the cookies need done NOW. And I just remembered Amoeba’s Christmas Party at work is tomorrow and it’s potluck … oh dear ….

  4. .
    Those cookies ought to be baked by now, Quilly. 🙂 I can smell them
    which means finished. Mrs. Jim and I will head over.

  5. Yum. Can I have a cookie?!

    There just aren’t enough hours in the day right now – and it’s a shame because this is when blog posts are really fun and full of Chirstmas activities! I almost forgot about doing the Flashback Friday prompt!

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