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Bling Fling Jewelry Giveaway ~ Day 5

Quilly is giving away a quality piece of jewelry and you want to win it!  The rules are here.

In case you’ve come upon this contest mid-week, don’t panic.  It’s not too late to join.  Check out the rules up above, and pick up the clues on the other Bling Fling posts.  Once you have all the clues together, seriously scour the Max and Chloe online Jewelry store.  Tomorrow you’re going to have the opportunity to post your guesses and someone is going to win a gorgeous, new set of pretty. I truly wish you all could win!

Official Clues:


  1. Well Quilly I hate to tell you but I am not a jewelry person, the only jewelry I wear is my simple wedding band.

    Quilly on the other note I want to wish you and your family happy holiday season, lots of health and wealth, and filled with love and peace. Be well, and all the best in 2011.

    Anna 🙂

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