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The White Elephant Exchange

I made cookies today and put up the remaining decorations.  This evening Amoeba and I attended the Lab Christmas potluck.  It was fun.  There was a white elephant gift exchange.  We took a very nice bottle of wine and a gift pack of Jones’s Bacon Flavored Soda.  Both of our items saw very lively competition.  Believe it or not, people wanted the Bacon Flavored Soda — and I am kind of sad we gave it away, but without OJM and Jeff, who was I going to get to drink it with me anyway?

I came home with a cheesy Christmas coffee mug.  Amoeba got a birthday paddle — one is supposed to write the birth dates of their family members on it, and hang it as a decoration — and probably a standing birthday joke.  I know why it was passed on.  We now have a gift for our next White Elephant party.

Before I got the coffee mug I had a great hardback book of some of The Globe’s greatest headlines.  I stole it from a friend, and his friend stole it from me.  Amoeba got a giant ink pen.  When he unwrapped it he turned to me and said, “Look honey!  I bet I won’t loose this one.”  And then the kid who drew next came up and took it.  I looked at Amoeba and said, “You told me you couldn’t lose that one.”  That got a laugh from from the crowd.

It was good fun and good food — potluck.  We sat with interesting people and enjoyed watching folks fight over our wine and the soda pop. Too bad I spoiled the evening by walking out into the parking lot and falling flat on my face.   In the dark I didn’t realize that the new blacktop is about a half inch higher then the curb, and that was just enough to catch my new tennis shoe on.  In an older, softer pair of shoes I might have been able to save myself.

My little finger is scraped up.  My left knee is a bit swollen and will likely turn black and blue.  Those things were minor and caused me very little distress.  I was wearing a brand new pair of jeans and all I wanted was back into the light so I could see if I’d ripped the knee.  I hadn’t.  Phew!

Tomorrow I have to precook everything I can; get the potato salad made and the eggs deviled; clean the bathrooms and vacuum the house.  I’ll check my email from time to time, but I don’t know that I’ll have much time to blog until after the party Sunday evening.  Don’t forget to turn ion your guesses on my Bling Fling giveaway tomorrow!

I’ll be back as soon as I can.


  1. I love those kinds of parties! Even “dud” gifts can become, as you said, white elephants for next year. At one church we attended for several years, there were a few items that made the rounds every year. Our Sunday School class party this year was canceled because they didn’t realize a wedding was scheduled for the same day, and there was no place else in the calendar to fit it in. They’re talking about having it in January — nice because there is nothing else going on then, but I don’t know if they’ll still do the gift exchange.

    So sorry about the fall! But glad it wasn’t worse. Have fun this weekend!

  2. Ooooh. Sorry about your fall. That could have been a doozy. Hope you are not sore today. Good luck with all the party preparations. I’ll be thinking about you.

    The thing with those gift exchanges is one never knows what they will end up with. In PA, we call it a “Yankee Gift Swap”.

    I will e-mail you my guess today.

  3. I´m so glad you didn´t seriously hurt yourself, when falling! That could have ended bad.
    I love the white elephant game. Too bad my family doesn´t…. (I wanted to play it at the family gathering, but my sister´s family didnt want to. So I guess, you can´t force it).

    Have a great party!!

  4. So sorry about your fall. I like the name for that kind of exchange!!
    Hope you are not too sore today.
    Happy holidays!!!

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