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She Said It Isn’t Snow

She looked out the window and saw a blanket of white covering everything in sight.

He said, “Snow.”

She said, “That’s not snow.”

He gave her that look and exclaimed, “It’s not!?”

She said, “It is not snow.  It can’t be snow.  The weatherman said. “Cold through Tuesday, snow on Wednesday.  This is not Wednesday, therefore that is not snow.”

He said, “I got news for you honey –”

She said, “I don’t want to hear it.”

“– you may not believe in the snow, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t here.”

She said, “Lalalala …”


  1. We’re the opposite this time — they said we’d get a big snow storm yesterday but just got a little. Now they’re saying a really big amount of snow the next couple of days starting tonight, but none yet. I sure would like to know before bedtime if we have a snow day tomorrow so I don’t have to set my alarm!

  2. He: “Snow day!”

    She:Not! We’ve been through this already! There is no snow! Besides, it’s after 8 PM and it’s dark out. It’s night!


    (The weather prognosticators have called off the snow event scheduled to start next Wednesday in western Washington state. The storms will be rain. They think.)

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