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Better, Maybe

Today Amoeba went to work and I stopped at the coffee shop to see Mona. She had errands to run so Cody suggested Mona and I run off and do them together. He didn’t have to ask twice. We were a block away before he finished the word “good-bye”.

We didn’t do anything wonderfully exciting. We went to the gas station, the hardware store, the drug store, the second hand store, and the grocery store. I bought carrots, a dish basin, and some Pua d’Arco tea (medicinal tea used as an antiseptic soak). We also stopped by the gym because I am thinking of signing up for the daily water aerobics class.

Mostly what Mona and I do when we go out is giggle and laugh. Laughter is good medicine no matter what one’s ailment might be. I feel a bit better tonight because of it, but my back and shoulder still ache and deep down I am still quite lethargic. I am not motivated to do much of anything but sit and read — and sometimes even reading is a chore despite the fact that I like all three of my current books.

As for the chicken soup advice so lovingly left on my last post — I made homemade chicken soup with dumplings for dinner and I am now stuffed, which is making it even harder to move! It sure was yummy though!


    1. Tilden — I was just going to join the gym. I went all the time in Vegas and was doing well. Amoeba pointed out to me how much trouble my joints give me anymore and suggested I try water aerobics, too, just in case my knees and hips can’t take more traditional exercise.

  1. Just a note to say I feel the same lethargy – can’t say why but you described it perfectly. I would hope that just living in my dream spot (San Juan Island) would magically wisk your woes away… it did for me last time I was there. I am still plotting my move – either to San Juan Island or Iceland, which ever comes first.

    Hang in there dear.

  2. Joining the aquaerobics class is a great idea, there’s no doubt that exercise makes you feel better. I returned to the gym last Tuesday after 6 weeks (I’d injured my foot which prevented me going) and I feel so much better for doing an hour’s exercise 5 days a week. This coming week I have booked a dance class and an aquaerobics class and will do 3 sessions in the gym on the other days. Go for it Quilly.

  3. Mmmm. I would love to have some of that chicken soup with dumplings! That would hit the spot as it has been chilly in Hawaii the last few days — even went down to the mid 50s!!! And you know we don’t have central heating inside the house!

  4. I’ve got a chicken roasting with veggies… I love the way the house smells when a chicken is roasting. But still feeling lethargic.

    I read Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball in one sitting with a few cups of tea yesterday. Great book. Thanks!

  5. You’re right, Quilly, laughter is good medicine. Glad you got to spend some time with a friend. Perhaps you are trying to fight off something. Don’t over do it.

    1. CL — I read a couple of books and kicked back. I don’t feel any different, but I guess that’s good news. Even though I am not “better”, I also am not “worse”.

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