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Leaving On a Jet Plane

Actually, he packed up and left already.  No, scratch that — I — packed his bags and then he left.  I helped him leave me.  Worse, he went to Hawaii and I and here I sit in the cold and the dank, and the gray.

I think the weather is really getting to me.  I can’t seem to find any cheerful.  I don’t have much motivation, either.  Yesterday I read two novels.  TWO.  They were both pretty good.  Book reviews to follow, of course.

If you are somewhere there is sun, would you bundle a bit of it up and mail it to me?  I don’t need much — a half a gallon, maybe.  I’ll let it out of the box really slow and savor every glimmer.



  1. I think we are all getting some kind of cabin fever!
    On the bright side I have this old favorite song going through my head…. 🙂

  2. Quilly, we have had bright sunshine the last two days. But it’s only about 10F. So our half gallon will be frozen solid!

  3. Awww….Quilly….
    I’m sorry Amoeba had to leave. I wish I could send you some of our sunshine, but it’s been very spotty over here, too. I’ll go see if I can find a sunshiny photo for my header for you.

  4. I would loooove to send you some sun! We have enough to spare for you and all your friends and family. 🙂
    Maybe you should check your (imaginary) mail for a package. I sent it with Express Post! 🙂

    Hope you feel better soon!

  5. I had thought you both were going. We’ve had intermittent sunshine here the last few days — it does warm the heart and soul as well as the air. Hope you get some soon.

    1. Barbara — it took the company too long to determine what dates they wanted Amoeba there, and then they halved the amount of days in their original request, so the tickets were too expensive, especially for such a short stay. (They pay for Amoeba, but we pay for me).

  6. Sorry – no can do. It is 9 degress here today. We have very little sun and the wintry weather continues…ugh. Did you know today is Blue Monday? It is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year, due to the weather, Christmas debt and broken New Year’s resolutions.

    Hope your Amoeba won’t be gone long. Perhaps he will bring back some sunshine and warmth!

  7. Boooo! Mean, that’s what it is. You needed to go to Hawaii too!

    It’s sunny here but I can’t stand to look outside because I have this massive sinus infection that makes me hurt just to open my eyes in the bright and look around! It’s really cold though, so I share your pain.

    SO ready for spring. So ready.

  8. It’s getting to me too, as I age the gloom of Jan-Feb bothers me more than it used to…so much that I called a friend in California yesterday to schedule a visit.

  9. Extremely cold and totally gray here in the Chicago area so I too wouldn’t mind having some of that sunshine you’re talking about.

    Last week we skied in Aspen, CO and had sun nearly every day so I did take advantage of that, just sitting with my face to the sun on several occasions to soak up that delightful, happy, warm feeling. Thanks for jogging my memory…I’ll have to make the memory last.

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