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The Rumor Mill Was Jumpin’!

The Rumor Mill is a restaurant not too far from the Ferry Landing in beautiful downtown Friday Harbor, WA. Last night the One More Time Band played to a full house and a hopping dance floor.

The tinny sound is because my camera couldn’t handle the volume. Amoeba says it didn’t help that they put a 17 piece band in a closet and added two amplifiers!

Note as you watch Amoeba playing with his plunger mute — yes, he bought it at the hardware store. No, he has never used it on any pipes but his trumpet’s.

The trumpet solo you will hear is played by Tom Starr, the gentlemen sitting on Charley’s right.

Yes, Charley has shaved off his beard. He had to. He had a mole removed from just below his bottom lip. It was interfering with his trumpet playing. If you notice something below his lip, it’s the band-aid.


  1. Dancing in my seat here! Impressive that you were there with migraine and all… that is commitment! Your Amoeba looks very different without his beard, but if that is the price to pay for being able to play the trumpet, it’s worth it. He can always grow it back (the beard, not the mole). 😛

    Hope you are feeling better.

  2. That sounds great! You’ve certainly emerged yourself in Friday Harbor Society in the past year. You’re both so involved in things in the town. I’m very impressed. 😀

  3. Absolutely love it! To have a real band with musicians at heart is such a huge plus for a community. It seems that the smallness of the community of Friday Harbor lends itself to people getting involved in playing and/or supporting! What fun.

  4. Great sound! I wanted to get up and dance, but instead I danced in my chair. LOL

    So glad you have your man back in town and he is doing what he loves!

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