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The Vanishing Quilldancer

Regular followers of this site and/or the dudes have probably noticed that, on several occasions lately, you, ah, can’t follow these sites.

No, the computers haven’t caught the same virus that’s been bugging Q lately. Nice try, though. And yes, she’s recovering nicely, thank goodness.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Amoeba posted an explanation here; should it happen again, word will (we hope) appear there again. For all that this anti-tweeter and accidental-billionaire phobe knows, Quilly’s getting the word out via those apps as well.

Have patience, Prudence. It’s not our fault. Really.


  1. I know you don’t like blogger, probably based on past history. But I’m putting in a recommendation for blogger anyway. I’ve never had any issue with them in terms of DoS attacks. And their interfaces are continuing to improve.

    Or, perhaps, the friendly neighborhood Amoeba will convince you to go with a non-free service.

    1. We had Blogger blogs back when we first ventured into these waters, Mom. The results were, ah, far less than we hoped. And my accidental-billionaire phobia applies in spades to the non-accidental types (read Brin, Gates, Disney, etc. etc.). If the littler guys can offer a better service for less, I’m all for it. But it does have to be a better service …

      And you’ll notice I fixed the multiple-copy-comment issue. Judging from comments on the status blog of the host (which is inexpensive but not free), there are still a few bugs in the system. At least we still have our content. Not everyone on this host does. Moral: backupbackupbackupbackup ….

    1. Thanks, Barbara. We hope so too – though Jenn (below) warns us that it’s still a jungle out there.

  2. Dreamhost has never been top of the heap, and has a lot of db server problems/slow downs. They don’t upgrade their hardware as often as they should, and like Charlie said, they tend to do things on the cheap. They’re not alone though, and it’ll be tough to find one that doesn’t have some sort of issue.

    Whatever you do, DO NOT go to blogger or for hosting. Find a better webhost to properly host your site.

    No online service is perfect, and “crap occurs” to the best of us. Them. Whatever. Fighting a DDOS is tough, and sometimes they get the better of you, and take you down for a bit. The protection of your files and their customer service is paramount.

    Before you find a new host, make sure you’re not jumping from frying pan to fire…

    Good luck 🙂

  3. I can’t keep up with anyone’s blogs these days… thanks in part to my kids being home (blame it on the weather) and hogging the computer. I will consider any temporary disappearances to be a blessing in disguise.
    But for your sakes, I hope the problem is soon solved.

    1. For similar reasons, Karen, I’ve basically stopped following and commenting on blogs. It’s a bit more important for Quilly to keep the blog fires burning, though, ’cause there’s some income involved. We’ll just have to see what happens. Like you’ll have to see what happens if you oink at your kids.

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