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Head Spinning Busy

Monday: we were at the Rumor Mill again. This time for a private party. My friend and Bible Study teacher’s husband hosted her 65th birthday party at the Rumor Mill. No host host bar, discount on the meal, lots of delicious appetizers. As my gift to my friend I took 135 pictures.

Tuesday: Church newsletter! Finally finished.

Wednesday: Amoeba bought a new cell phone. Huge time sink. Three and a half hours. Then we went to lunch. Then I went to exercise class. Then I went to the labs and hung out with Amoeba until he finished a major job. Then we went out to dinner.

Thursday: volunteered at church most of the day.

Friday: I started to visit blogs and I got to Jenn’s and found  and stopped there — laughing until I cried. If you have ever suffered an auto-fill embarrassment you’ll roar, too.   WARNING:  some things on this site are R rated.


  1. Hope next week isn’t quite so busy for you! With the ladies’ ministry newsletter/booklet I did at my old church, sometimes I miss it and sometimes I’m relieved not to have it any more.

  2. I love the name Rumor Mill. Very cool. The church newsletter finished? I understand that sigh of relief completely….used to do the one at our previous church. Fun, but sooo much work. Ugh, the cell phone store. Last time I had to go there for a problem it took two visits of about 3 hours each to get it straightened out. I’d rather have teeth pulled without anything for pain. I’m going to have to check out the Auto Correct site.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Quilly. 🙂

  3. Busy Week – I love the idea of a restaurant called the Rumor Mill!!

    I was dying when I was reading the Damn You Auto Correct site. Especially since so many of my IMs and texts are followed by another with the correct word and “stoopid phone”

    Quick backstory on the socks. Meagheen is a remarkably talented Irish woman who has sheep in Ireland and is a pediatric surgeon in NYS. Her younger brother is Murphy. They use dye bags on their rams to know the father of a lamb. Meagheens are green, Murphy’s are pink and she won’t trade. She designs these cute little socks, and rags on a sheep named after her brother to tease him. The proceeds of the deisgns go to charity.

    They both love Harry Potter, and quidditch is a game played in the book, where the teams need to catch a flying ball- the snitch- and go through a hoop. So she had Murphy get stuck in the hoop.

    Meggie in a tizzy was actually designed by her sister because Meggie is so busy she’s like a human tornado,

  4. I have a love/hate relationship with websites like this. I love getting a good laugh, but then next thing I know it’s quite a bit later than I wanted it to be.

  5. Oh good! I’m glad you’re busy — and going to exercise class! What kind are you taking? And I hope you got some AWESOME pictures for your friend!

  6. Wow! You have been busy. It all sounds pretty fun though … except for the time with the cell phone. Why do they have to make things so complicated? lol

  7. You have indeed been a busy bee. Hoping you can catch your breath just a bit. I’ve been crazy busy too – what happened to “life will slow down after Christmas”?!

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