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More training for the audio-visual equipment at church. Newsletter articles are pouring in. The housework piled up while I was babying my toe (read some great books though, reviews to follow). And I have a photo project to finish today. Plus, The Community Women’s Bible Study is tonight and I am behind on my lesson! I hope to see you all tonight or tomorrow!


  1. pork, potato and peas for dinner. blog posts. website for the shop. no bible study – eeek!
    clean the dogs ears, shove pills down her throat, find time for tv, sleep.

  2. I’m getting ready to take off for the weekend, but my blog will be happily running tomorrow and Friday. (Newsletter articles don’t pour in here until the due date… or later. I’ll be zoo-y next week.) Laundry here is known as Mt. Neverrest.

  3. .
    Quilly you sound overworked and underpaid! 🙂

    When we were writing an after Manned Space Mission Critique about how the Mission Control ground equipment functioned, malfunctioned, then repairs or not repaired, etc, our boss would tell us, looking very serious, “Write faster.”
    So Quilly, your only hope is too “work faster.”

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