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Quick! Duck!

Running into his workroom at the lab, she said, “Honey, quick, where’s my camera? There’s a duck out here I’ve never seen before.”

He didn’t even look up from his microscope. “Hmmm, probably a Hooded Merganser.”

She said: “It’s red-headed and looks like it has a Mohawk hair-do.”

Female Hooded Merganser

Still without glancing away from his microscope, he said, “It’s a female.”

She grabbed her camera and ran back outside. Her mad dash to the waterside startled the duck.

Female Hooded Merganser

She didn’t mean to scare the lady, but isn’t sorry she did.

Female Hooded Merganser

After the wing flapping show the little lady settled back into the water and swam quickly away.

After capturing her photos She went back into the lab where He was still peering into the microscope.   “The duck put on quite a show for me.  I got  some great pictures.”

He said, “Nice.”

Sigh. She really does know better than to try to talk to him when He’s working.  Would you get excited about the duck, please?!


  1. He looked up and said, “You may think it’s just ducky, but I’ve learned that they aren’t all they’re quacked up to be.” Then he ducked his head back down and returned to his work.

    Cool pics!

  2. That’s really cool! Great captures despite getting her all flustered. And you’ve gotten another opportunity to showcase that the A man really does know about that biological stuffs. 😀

  3. Very similiar to the Red Breasted Merganser we get over here. I once saw one with 12 ducklings trailing behind. A very striking bird, and some great shots.

  4. I would not just get excited, I would go absolutely berserk. What a cool duck to observe. And how nice that at least one species of bird has a beautiful female. Usually the more colorful and attractive the bird the greater chance it is a male.

  5. I’d say this duck episode perfectly reflects the two of you — the beautiful female gets all flustered and ruffles her feathers. The handsome, but distracted, male continues what he is doing. The beautiful female pursues her goal and gets a great photo.

    Awesome photos and wonderful story!

  6. haha!!! So funny! I guess he feels that if you’ve seen 1 duck, you’ve seen them all. But what a beauty it was, Quilly. Wow, first time for me.

    1. Gigi — Amoeba choose to work Saturday so he could take Monday off. He was just finishing up his work so we could go home. I was finished with the work he gave me and was ready to play. He wasn’t about to start playing early. He did come out to see about a half hour later.

  7. Yes, I would certainly get excited to see this magnificent creature! Especially if you have never seen one before. I know I haven’t. Great capture!!

  8. i am excited about the duck! im always excited about ducks! so excited actually that i had a flock of 28 -30 that i kept here. my neighbors were not excited about the ducks.

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