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Double Vision Vision Check

Before I continue my saga of my trip to Burlington and the optometrist, I would like to remind you of where I live. The picture below gives you a very good indication of our general winter conditions. The weather report generally sounds something like, mostly cloudy with a chance of clearing around 2 in the afternoon.

Island in the Clouds

Island in the Clouds

So, I got to the optometrists office, sat down amidst all his testing equipment and we chatted — general “make the patient comfortable questions” like where do you live and what do you do, etc. I told him I live on San Juan Island so we talked about this area for a bit.

Finally it was time to start the exam. Doc asked if there was anything I specifically wanted to address in the exam. I told him that I am having issues with my bifocals and get headaches when I try to work at the computer. He took my glasses, checked them out, and directed my attention to the eye chart on the wall. He was all business from there on out.

A bit later he said that my bifocal prescription did indeed need adjusting. As he talked he reset the exam lenses. While swinging the machine back in front of my face he asked, “How about your distance vision? Are you having any trouble with that?”

I answered, “How would I know? I live on San Juan Island, remember?” He looked at me in surprise, chuckled a bit and sat down on his stool. He grabbed the piece of equipment he uses to look into the eye itself, and repeated what I’d said. Then he sat back in his chair and just roared laughing. When he was finished he grabbed a Kleenex, wiped his eyes and said, “A bit foggy there, huh?” And succumbed to another fit of laughter.

When my eye exam was finished and Doc walked me back to the receptionist, he thanked me for coming to his office and told me he’d had a wonderful time. The receptionist looked back and forth between us like she was trying to figure out what brought that on. I didn’t help when I said, “Thanks, Doc. I had fun, too!”

I do love to leave people wondering.


  1. I love my eye doctor but she doesn’t laugh as much. You probably made his day!

    Glad you’re getting all these things straightened out. Be sure to have the scrip filled with a very good company. Apparently it is quite easy to mess up the bifocal settings. My eye doctor told me the “Costco” days are over for me if I want to a) see well and b) not have headaches. She doesn’t fill the scrips, so it isn’t a matter of her generating business. Boo hoo. No more 50% coupons for Hour Eyes.

  2. .
    Well, Quilly, I am hanging! 🙂 I do hope though, that new glasses will fix up all your problems. At least you didn’t tell the doc that it was ALL IN YOUR HEAD (of course it was, literally). I did that once with a ear doctor. He was obviously relocated from Germany. Anyway he go so upset he swore, slammed things down, and abruptly left the room slamming the door on his way out.

    And at least he didn’t issue you a battery operated eye wiper for an Island fog cure.

  3. That’s so funny! I need to start wearing glasses at the computer. Yesterday I thought someone’s daughter had marched in a parade at an Onion Festival and it was the Orion Festival. But since they were in the Deep South, Onion made perfect sense!

  4. Nothing better than having your sense of humor really appreciated. I especially love it when the wit sinks in slowly and gets that kind of response. Hope you like your new glasses.

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