Daughter of Eve ~ NPM Day #5

Resist an apple?
No problem.
Sure they are round, ripe, juicy, crisp and delicious,
But that is not temptation enough
To cause my fall.

Peeled and baked,
Oozing cinnamon and sugar,
With crumble topping and a flaky crust?
Get me a fork,
Time to eat my pride.

Charlene L. Amsden

(I added ice cream to make the fall complete.)

7 thoughts on “Daughter of Eve ~ NPM Day #5

  1. .
    Sounds good, Quilly! 🙂 Yummy!
    Ice cream or melted chedar cheese, either will do for me.
    At first I thought maybe you were going into pears and plums (XD).

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