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Family Building

She: “I tell you, I don’t know where people get their ideas for naming their kids.”

He: “Yeah. There sure are some strange ones out there these days.”

She: “I’m not so sure today’s any different from yesterday, though. I’m still trying to figure out where some of the names in my family came from. But whatever it takes to make a home, I guess.”

He: “Well, I don’t know about a home. But if you do it right, you can use your family’s names to make a house.”

She: “A house?

He: “Sure. To lay the foundation, though, the first kid had better be a girl.”

She: “I don’t get it …”

He: “Florence. Then …”

She: “Oh good grief!”

He: “Don’t interrupt, it’s impolite. Besides, we gotta get this house up ‘fore it rains. Around here, that doesn’t give us much time. The sides are next. Need a boy for that.”

She:Sigh. Wally.”

He: “Hey, you catch on fast. Gotta be able to get in and out, of course.”

She: “Doris. And I need light in my house.”

He: “Winnie.”

She: “Just one? Have to be a big kid. I’m not sure I wish to be responsible for bringing up a child with an eating disorder.”

He: “Oh all right, three Winnies. Though they’re going to have a hell of a time at school keeping track of ’em.”

She: “Teachers wish to complain, they can come here and wash ’em all. Give them something to complain about.”

He: “Word. The next one’s going to have to be happy sleeping in an upstairs bedroom, though.”

She: “Why upstairs?”

He: “So all of us can have a Rufus over our hea … OW! What was that?

She: “A fork. I stuck it in you to christen you with your new name.”

He: “Which is …?”



  1. Hi Quilly ~~ Glad to see you’re not doing the reviews here anymore and are writing. 🙂 A lot of the bloggers have left blogging, mostly the ones who wanted to do social stuff. They use their time on FaceBook and Twitter. Others of us write because we like to write. I know you do. I also know that your middle name is Martha, like Mrs. Jim’s, because you sure are helping everyone in the world over there on San Juan.

    What do we write for? For a readership, that’s what. Especially the professional writer. Oh yes, there is practice and mind sharpening also. But it sure helps to have some readers for encouragement and critique. I’ve lost a lot of mine mostly because they don’t write anymore.
    Another reason is that when I was down with my surgery I couldn’t read as I ought and leave the comments I needed. Mostly I was, and still am to a large extent, doing the meme’s with a Mr. Linky to help generate a different kind of readership.

    I have an private blog for me to write for ten minutes (at least) every day. Some are exercises from a book I’m using, others are like yours. Again I’ve stopped there because of my surgery.

    SOME HELP WITH THE HOUSE: The “He” here might want to study up on PERT chart planning. Then he could help the “She” do her building with names a lot better.

    I’ve been here recently and all these posts were not here. They must have been another place and you moved over here. Thank you. for I would have never found these. Now don’t stop!!

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