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Water Pity

He and She were working at the lab …

She: “Here, take this pot and fill it with water for me, would you please?”

He: “Will do … Hey!!

She: “What? Something’s wrong?”

He:I’ll say something’s wrong!”

She: “Too late. I already did that.”

He: “Fun-neee. Not. I’d say you were all wet, if I weren’t already soaked myself.”

She: “No, dear. The water goes in the pot.”

He: “Right. You tell the water that. It won’t listen to me!

She: “What’s so hard about putting water in a pot? You’re at a sink, right? You’re not trying to wring water out of a cloud or something?”

He: “No, I’m at a sink, it’s got a faucet, water comes out of the faucet. But it won’t stay in the pot!

She: “It .. won’t .. stay …”

He: “Dangdest thing. I turn on the tap, and … I’ve never seen water fall up before! I tried clamping the lid down on the pot to keep that water in there, thought I had it for a moment, then blooey. Water all over everyplace. Including all over me. Everyplace except in the pot. Which is bone dry. What the …”

She: “Love, is there a sign over that sink?”

He: “I don’t … oh, yeah. There is.”

She: “Read it?”

He: “‘K … ‘Non-potable water.'”

She: “Thought so. Go find a sink that has potable water. You won’t have any trouble.”

He: “Right. I’m off.”

She:I’ll say. Scrub that pot first!

He: “Yes, dear.”


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