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Make Mine Mocha

As many of you now know, I am working at a very popular local coffee shop. We don’t have any retail chain stores here on the island, so ours isn’t a name you know, but we’re a Friday Harbor hotspot just the same. I love people, so for the most part serving customers is a blast. There’s a lot of humor and laughter shared over the counter.

However, there are always exceptions. Recently a very angry fellow came to the walk up window. I flashed a bright smile and said, “How may I help you?”

He shrieked, “What did you do with the ferry?!”

I responded (quite bewildered), “Excuse me?”  I am a barista in a coffee shop.  I wear a cute little green checkered apron with roses on it.  I make coffee and serve ice cream.  I obviously have no control over the ferry.

The man, red in the face with a little vein throbbing in his forehead, yelled, “A minute ago there was a ferry at the dock. Now it’s gone. I just went into the store for a minute.  What did you do with the ferry?!”

I so wanted to say, “What?!  Did it sink again?!”

I figured that response would get me strangled, so I gave the man a ferry schedule and told him when the next ship would dock.  I hope he figured out on his own that when one’s ship comes in, one should get on it post-haste!


  1. Poor guy. I don’t think that he’s having a good day … or a good week for that matter. OR he thinks that you have magical powers and can make things disappear. Of course, those two things aren’t mutually exclusive, and I know you have special powers. 🙂

  2. Cherie — I don’t know about ‘special powers’ but my Higher Power reminded me to “do unto others …” which is why I helped him figure out when the next ferry was coming.

  3. Funny how frustrated people don’t think straight. It would have been funny to see his reaction to the first thought you had, but good for you for suppressing that and being nice.

    1. Barbara — I feared his reaction to my first thought might have gotten me throttled. That fear is what reminded me to practice charity and kindness.

  4. Aren’t some people daft! Your first reaction was so funny, but you are right, probably not the most tactful.

    How lovely working in a coffee shop, well apart from the nutters of course. Nothing I like better than having a lovely coffee & a natter with friends. Shame you’re so far away or I’d drop in for a latte.

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