Make Mine Coffee, Thanks

She: “What’s that swimming in your tea?”

He: “The only thing swimming in my tea is tea. Which is how I’d like to keep it, please.”

She: “I guess you don’t want to go camping with me then.”

He: “Huh? Why would tea have anything to do with whether I go camping with you?”

She: “Well, on the camping trips I’ve been on, you boil the water over the campfire and pour the tea. When you do that, all these little gnats come sniffing around. They go straight for the water in the cup and dive in. Presto. Open swim.”

He: “And gnat-flavored tea. Probably not in the markets for a reason.”

She: “Hey. It’s protein.”

He: “Is it? Does that mean you get any relief from the insects after you’ve graduated from high school?”

She: “Not really. You see, they’re pro-teen, but they’re also not anti-aging. Otherwise, they would be in the markets. Everybody’d be drinking the stuff.”

He: “Right. I can see the marketing slogan now.”

She: “Oh?”

He:This Stuff Bugs Me!