Backhanded Compliment?

Shelly, from This Old Farm, gifted me with a Super Commenter Award. I do believe that is her polite way of saying I never shut up. I’d like to pass this award on to the folks who are always yapping around here — that’s those of you who rarely miss commenting on a post:

Melli; Polona; Brian; AmberStar; Dr. John; Carletta; & Robert


Shelly also gifted me with the, You Make Me Smile Award. This one will be a bit more difficult to pass out. It isn’t like asking my stats-ware who the top commenters are. I have to ask my face muscles. Alas, they like ALL of you. Still, there are folks out there trying to get a laugh or a smile, so I shall name the ones who consistently offer humor.

David, Dr. John, Cath, Holly & Reba