Backhanded Compliment?

Shelly, from This Old Farm, gifted me with a Super Commenter Award. I do believe that is her polite way of saying I never shut up. I’d like to pass this award on to the folks who are always yapping around here — that’s those of you who rarely miss commenting on a post:

Melli; Polona; Brian; AmberStar; Dr. John; Carletta; & Robert


Shelly also gifted me with the, You Make Me Smile Award. This one will be a bit more difficult to pass out. It isn’t like asking my stats-ware who the top commenters are. I have to ask my face muscles. Alas, they like ALL of you. Still, there are folks out there trying to get a laugh or a smile, so I shall name the ones who consistently offer humor.

David, Dr. John, Cath, Holly & Reba

Message In a Bottle aka The Mimi Meme

Mimi started it — as usual.

Cooper participated, then tagged O’Ceallaigh & The Quill. I told OC he had to respond to the tag because Cooper is his girl-friend. He did such a good job I decided to play, too, but I opted for silly instead of serious.  After reading my message in the bottle, if you don’t get the joke, click here.

If you want to participate in this Mimi meme, there are rules, see Mimi’s post to read and follow them.

Oh, I was supposed to tag five people. That means YOU are tagged.

What Time Are You?

I picked this up over at Melli’s place. Be careful if you go over there. She does a lot of memes and makes them seem so damn fun and interesting you might actually find yourself attempting them, too! (I promise she won’t tag you though!)

You are the moment when the last bell rings and school lets out for the day. You are resistant to schedules and obligations, so you love feeling like you’re in control of your life again. You are the very moment when the second hand hits the 12, and the halls fill with noise and motion. Even if your after-school time is packed with activities, lessons, or a job, somehow, you just feel freer in the late afternoon than you do earlier in the day. Maybe it’s all that blue sky and afternoon sunshine? Nah — even on rainy days, 3:15 is always a beautiful time.

All Sewed Up

This is part of what has been taking my time. I promised to make one for each child in my class. Every stocking will be an original. Here are 4 of the 6 I’ve finished so far. (Sorry, I took two to class this morning and forgot to snap them — and one was adorable in the pink gingham with daisies and denim trim!

My team teacher will add each student’s initial to the stockings, and we have assorted toys, yummies and candy canes to stuff them with.  In the meantime, here’s a couple of close-ups.