What Works For You?

I have been reading a lot about bloggers developing their own “brand”. Everything is supposed to be calibrated and calculated — from one’s header to one’s avatar, to one’s signature. So this got me thinking, do I have a brand?

Aside from my avatar, what on my blog identifies me? I think I picked a kicky name. What do you think of it? Those of you who have been around for awhile know how many names I’ve gone through — and how many platforms! AND how many templates.

Right now I think I am more “put together” than I have ever been, but is that enough? What else should I be doing? What are you doing?

I just read this whole article on having and passing out business cards. I’ve also heard of bloggers who pass out other things, like pencils, magnets, and even promotional pens. Is it effective? How many readers does something like that bring in?

If you’re doing any of these things, I’d like to hear how they’re working for you.