I spent the day cleaning up loose ends, tidying up my calendar and prioritizing tasks.  In the process of doing that I went through the tower of stuff on my desk I found books that should have been mailed to Beth and Amanda.

Beth — I will get your book in the mail toot-sweet.  My apologies!

Amanda — I’ll send your book and your birthday stuff (you can decide whether it pertains to the birthday past or the one upcoming) when I send Ella to your momma.  (For the curious, her momma is Tilden.)

Also, I found my two copies of Katy’s Debate and couldn’t figure out why no one signed up to win the giveaway copy.  That’s when I checked and discovered that my auto-post failed and I never even noticed it!  The post will go up right after this one.

And next in the pile is, Motorcycles, Sushi, & One Strange Book, and as I am trying to figure out where it should be, I realize I never drew the winning names to give it away!  I just did that and — better late than never — am pleased to tell commenter #2, Melli, that she is the winner of a super fun-to-read book!

So I obviously need to put in an appearance at the post office tomorrow.  I will be more responsible in future.  Well, at least through mid-August.  I have my calendar mapped out until then.