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I spent the day cleaning up loose ends, tidying up my calendar and prioritizing tasks.  In the process of doing that I went through the tower of stuff on my desk I found books that should have been mailed to Beth and Amanda.

Beth — I will get your book in the mail toot-sweet.  My apologies!

Amanda — I’ll send your book and your birthday stuff (you can decide whether it pertains to the birthday past or the one upcoming) when I send Ella to your momma.  (For the curious, her momma is Tilden.)

Also, I found my two copies of Katy’s Debate and couldn’t figure out why no one signed up to win the giveaway copy.  That’s when I checked and discovered that my auto-post failed and I never even noticed it!  The post will go up right after this one.

And next in the pile is, Motorcycles, Sushi, & One Strange Book, and as I am trying to figure out where it should be, I realize I never drew the winning names to give it away!  I just did that and — better late than never — am pleased to tell commenter #2, Melli, that she is the winner of a super fun-to-read book!

So I obviously need to put in an appearance at the post office tomorrow.  I will be more responsible in future.  Well, at least through mid-August.  I have my calendar mapped out until then.


  1. OOooooOOOo Ella is coming!? I hope she’s ready to fight for the only chair with the cat, and if Im there sorry Ella the cat wins, she has seniority.

    No more vacations for you, they boggle your mind.

  2. Well I AM honored to have WON a second time from one of your give-aways! I AM! I AM! But pleeeeeeeease read an email from me before you head to the post office! K? And… Thank you Quilly!

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