Morale Booster

Okay, I’m back and I have something to share. I don’t know how exciting you’re going to find it, but I am overjoyed:

I started at the gym on August 1st and went bright and early every morning until school started. Once school started I had to go to the gym in the afternoons. Changing the time I attended the gym meant I had to get used to different personnel.

Well, this morning I was at the gym bright and early, so I got to see Margaret, the lady who first signed me in when I joined. I actually got there before her shift started, so I was already in the middle of my exercise routine when she spotted me. I got to watch her facial expressions change from politeness, to recognition, to surprise, and finally excitement. I think she was more thrilled about how I look than I am.

She wanted me to come and weigh and measure, but I wouldn’t. I only do that once a month and my next scheduled time is January 2nd. I’ll wait. Still, the look on her face was a nice boost for my morale.