Concealed Weapons

I bet you didn’t know that I grew up around guns. In that past life I mention every now and then I used to target practice and we had an extensive handgun and rifle collection. I was as fond of the holsters and slings as I was the weapons themselves. What do you know about Desantis holsters?

I like the look of Desantis holsters and I really like their guarantee: The DeSantis promise to you: DeSantis pride in their workmanship shall never be compromised in an industry where dependability and performance is paramount. Desantis is also the chosen holster supplier for Smith & Wesson, and Homeland Security.


No, my sudden interest in holsters doesn’t mean I am going to take up target shooting again.  I am not in the market for a gun, but I do have a character in a short story that I am thinking about arming.  Anybody have any experience with a belt holster worn strapped to your back?  I’ve seen how they supposedly work in the movies, but I am looking for real-life experiences.   Whatcha got?