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Concealed Weapons

I bet you didn’t know that I grew up around guns. In that past life I mention every now and then I used to target practice and we had an extensive handgun and rifle collection. I was as fond of the holsters and slings as I was the weapons themselves. What do you know about Desantis holsters?

I like the look of Desantis holsters and I really like their guarantee: The DeSantis promise to you: DeSantis pride in their workmanship shall never be compromised in an industry where dependability and performance is paramount. Desantis is also the chosen holster supplier for Smith & Wesson, and Homeland Security.


No, my sudden interest in holsters doesn’t mean I am going to take up target shooting again.  I am not in the market for a gun, but I do have a character in a short story that I am thinking about arming.  Anybody have any experience with a belt holster worn strapped to your back?  I’ve seen how they supposedly work in the movies, but I am looking for real-life experiences.   Whatcha got?


    1. Nessa, just from looking at the photo, unless the hammer clip is velcro, I could see releasing the gun from the holster being an issue. Also, how does one return the gun to their holster?

  1. Can’t say I have ever sported a holster strapped to my back (or strapped anywhere!), So I won’t be of any help to you with your short story. I like the look of the holster pictured. My hubby is in need of a new one for the gun he just purchased. I will have to check it out.

    1. Church Lady — I have worn several holsters, but they have leaned more toward what one is used to seeing in westerns. In fact, one of my favorite holsters strapped around my waist and did actually tie around my thigh.

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