My Cozy Office

A few posts back I mentioned purchasing a new desk and chair with my blogging money. I thought you might like to see them. I spend much of my time at my computer and I wanted to be comfortable. The desk is wonderful. Look at all that space! And the end you can’t see has a built in bookcase.  The two shelves you can see house my Avon stuff.

desk & chair

When I started looking for my office furniture I wasn’t even certain I could buy computer desk chairs online. I knew I wanted a sturdy, well-padded, high back chair. Comfort and quality were my two top issues.

When I saw this chair I couldn’t believe it. It was close-out sale priced at $65.00 and had four 5 star rating reviews going for it. It is great for writing in and for sleeping in. When I lean back to think and doze off, it supports my head wonderfully.

The desk is a dream, too. I had to put it together myself but that was surprisingly easy. It keeps everything I need at my fingertips, yet out of my way so I can work.

We decided to put my office in what is supposed to be the TV room in the house. I am right off the kitchen which is great because I can move between my desk and my cooking with speed and ease. Plus the room houses my desk and chair, several book cases, an arm chair (also purchased with blogging money), and my sewing table. Better still, it has pocket doors so if I’m crafting and a bit messy, I can just swing the doors closed when company comes.