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My Cozy Office

A few posts back I mentioned purchasing a new desk and chair with my blogging money. I thought you might like to see them. I spend much of my time at my computer and I wanted to be comfortable. The desk is wonderful. Look at all that space! And the end you can’t see has a built in bookcase.  The two shelves you can see house my Avon stuff.

desk & chair

When I started looking for my office furniture I wasn’t even certain I could buy computer desk chairs online. I knew I wanted a sturdy, well-padded, high back chair. Comfort and quality were my two top issues.

When I saw this chair I couldn’t believe it. It was close-out sale priced at $65.00 and had four 5 star rating reviews going for it. It is great for writing in and for sleeping in. When I lean back to think and doze off, it supports my head wonderfully.

The desk is a dream, too. I had to put it together myself but that was surprisingly easy. It keeps everything I need at my fingertips, yet out of my way so I can work.

We decided to put my office in what is supposed to be the TV room in the house. I am right off the kitchen which is great because I can move between my desk and my cooking with speed and ease. Plus the room houses my desk and chair, several book cases, an arm chair (also purchased with blogging money), and my sewing table. Better still, it has pocket doors so if I’m crafting and a bit messy, I can just swing the doors closed when company comes.


    1. Gigi — it is a built-in shelf on the desk. It is for whatever you wish. I have my removable DVD/CD drive under it, and my Acer on top of it. I have a full-sized keyboard plugged into the Acer that I use at home. When I travel I just unplug it and go.

  1. You know about your mom and dad…I actually left and went to live with my mom’s sister when I was 18. My dad was in construction and had come around enough himself to admit that he did not know what to do with a daughter either. His life was taken as our relationship had begun to grow and truly develop into something “real”. I’m not sure I will see him in Heaven, but I do know that God answered my prayers. It is hard sometimes, as you said, but we do know the love of Our Heavenly Father and that makes it all the better!!! Not to mention easier to understand when our hearts do not.
    Have a blessed week!!!

    1. Rachele — I went to live with my elder sister when I was 17. My dad and I never did get to connect and I have no idea what his faith was. The last 12 years of his life he cut himself off from all of us.

  2. Looks and sounds ideal! When I bought my desk chair, that was one of my criteria — I had to be able to lean back and comfortably doze in it. πŸ™‚

    1. Nessa — Amoeba picked my office placement. I was certain he would want this room since it is biggest, but he wanted the middle bedroom because it has the perfect corner for the fish tank he hasn’t purchased yet.

    1. Nancy — when you visit you may sit in my chair. Promise. But not for more than 5 minutes or I’ll get really antsy because it just feels weird to sit anywhere else.

    1. TLP — I make between $300-$400 per month. I am not going to get rich, but it’s nothing to sneeze at, either.

    1. Thanks, Cherie. Note that I took a “before” pic and you have no idea what it really looks like now …. πŸ˜‰

  3. I Love that chair πŸ™‚ I posted a picture of my computer desk when I first got it as well, but that was a couple years ago now and it’s no longer up. Maybe I’ll do so again one day so people can see where I see when I write haha.

    I hope one day I’m able to make some $ with my blog as well, but this one is brand new still and doesn’t get enough traffic I don’t think. I guess it takes a long time build it up. I can see why yours gets so much, you’re so entertaining to read πŸ˜€

    1. Teresa — pick up all of your old readers and get them to link to you. Your page rank will come up pretty fast. I have published on this blog consistently since 2006. Longevity has value.

  4. Lucky you!
    That looks great.
    I am still sitting at the kitchen table with a rotten kitchen chair.
    Fat chance of finding good stuff for good prices here in Sharm (one thing that was better in Kuwait πŸ˜‰ )

  5. It’s a good thing to have the blogging space near the kitchen area. I find it easy to get distracted when you’re blogging and cooking at the same time! Your desk and chair look very comfortable!

  6. I’ll bet that room will be the most used room in the house! Your workstation looks very practical. And what a great deal on the chair! I’m always searching for a bargain.

  7. $65 for the chair? Awesome!
    I recently cleaned off my computer desk (I share it with 5 other people) but it’s cluttered again. And yes, it’s mostly my paper mess. *sigh*

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